On the dawn of Friday 14th December, a boat sank near the coast of the Greek island of Lesvos where Médecins Sans Frontières/ Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has been providing medical and relief assistance to newly arrived migrants and refugees since October. It is believed that 28 migrants were on board. The death toll has so far risen to 21 while the coast guard is still looking for six missing people. There is only one survivor so far, an 18 year old male.

View Drowning dreams in a larger map The illegal immigration is a big problem' not only for Turkey and Greece' but also for the people in the third world countries. They pay 2000 dollars per person to go abroad. According to the map below with the numbers appeared in 2012, most of them are coming from Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Syria. Palestine and Myanmar. But it should be known that these are the people who were arrested. What about the others who could manage to pass, lose their life or have difficulties in a very different society?

DATA for the map are from TSK.TR

This project was  created during the DJCAMP2013 workshop from Ioanna Iliadi, Esra Makara, Tasos Economou, Ahmet Y. Vural and Arda Suar in Istanbul 26,27 January 2013

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